martedì, 7 Aprile, 2020

Madonna cancels other dates and apologizes to fans for writing a very moving post

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Madonna that all of us are used to seeing as the “Bionic Woman” unfortunately but for some time, she suffers from health problems, problems that have never put her in difficulty and that she has always overcome without declaring anything about what even a twenty ‘ year old may have, but always determined to reach its goals and objectives. “Bionic” woman, determined to want to be and always surpass herself. Unfortunately, but unlike many artists who use these moments to advertise and sell records, she is silent and despite the severe pain, continues her “Madame X Tour”. But as he had already said: “I have to listen to my body”, consequently he will have to cancel other dates of his Tour and in a post a few hours ago he writes a few words about it: “As you know, I had several injuries and I had to cancel some shows to allow me time to recover. In order not to make you bad surprises, I want to let you know in advance that I will cancel 2 shows at the Palladium in London on February 4th and 11th, because doing 3 shows in a row is too much for my body and in fact my doctors insist that I take one day off after each show. I think I can do 2 shows and then rest. It’s a miracle that I got this far, but a lot depends on whether I do 6 hours of rehabilitation, 3 before and 3 after each show with multiple therapies. Now I no longer wear heels by switching to flat shoes and changing the most difficult parts of the show. This helps me enormously, but I still have to s be careful, and of course, rest is the best medicine. I would never want to write these words to you and cancel any show and I am determined to the end. I also want to tell you that refunds for canceled dates will automatically be issued to the credit card on which the tickets were ordered. I appreciate your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you. Your Madame X “. Her humanity but also the tenacity that has distinguished her in all these years always make her the “Queen of Pop “even in a difficult moment like in recent months. Madonna:” Material Girl Gone Wild “.

Alex Molla