Friday, July 3, 2020
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Love is in the air. With just over a week until it’s time to break out the chocolates, hand-written notes, and bouquets of roses, we want to recommend something a little more unconventional to help you celebrate your love this V-Day. 

At Quiiky, we specialize in creating immersive travel experiences tailored specifically to the tastes, needs, and desires of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether its one of our weekend getaways, multi-city themed tours, or food and wine-focused adventures, we’ve got just the gift to help you say “I love you” in a way your partner will never forget.  


For the classic romance: the Call Me By Your Name Tour 

If your love sings to the tune of Sufjan Stevens ‘Visions of Gideon’ or if you just want to recreate the scintillating peach scene in CMBYN, this one’s for you.  

For the pizza lovers: the Italian Food & Wine Tour

We can’t promise there will be heart-shaped pepperoni to top off your authentic Italian food journey, but we know sure well that you won’t leave hungry! 

Photo Roberto Chiovitti

For the romance that defies definition: the Tailor-Made Tour

If you just can’t decide which route to go, or if you are into one thing while your partner is into another, we’ll make a custom tour itinerary just for your desires. Simple as that! 

For the romance of the ages: the Untold History Tour

If your love stands the test of time, take one of our many Untold History tours available in almost every major Italian city. These are the LGBTQ+ stories they didn’t teach you in school! 


For the single and ready to mingle: the Group CMBYN Tour

Still searching for the Oliver to your Elio? This one’s for you. Join our group CMBYN tour this June to join a group of LGBTQ+ travelers on an epic journey through Italy. 

To all the lovers out there, happy Valentine’s Day!!!