Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Today Sunday 29 March 2020 from 15 to 17 in Italy “Queerantin + Chill” the World DJ Sets against the “Covid-19” Live On FB and Instagram with Alex Molla DJ

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Today from 15 to 17 in Italy the DJ Set for the world with Alex Molla DJ live on FB: AM Music Culture and on Instagram: Alex Molla DJ, against the “CoronaVirus” read how to connect:

“Queerantin + Chill” is a project by Vincent Jones who managed to organize a worldwide event with DJs from every country in the world: Milan Italy, London UK, Sri Lanka, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Wellington, Winnipeginnipeg Canada, Berlin, Cali Colombia, Johannesburg, Bogota, Mexico City, Cape Twon and many others. I have the “Honor” of representing Italy on the afternoon of Sunday 29 March 2020 from 15.00 to 17.00 with my DJ Set Happy, varied, LGBTQ, fun, Italian, our music that the whole world knows combined with the international one of the strongest discs of the moment together with the great Gay Icons of world music. It will be broadcast live from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm on the following Instagram channels: Citizen Jones Travel https://www.instagram.com/citizenjonestravel/ – Alex Molla DJ https://www.instagram.com/alexmolladj/ and on FB: AM Music Culture: https://www.facebook.com/alexmollamusic. Thanks to all the wonderful staff of “QMagazine” in particular to Andrea Cosimi and Francesca Galli who allow me to write articles and express my musical experience! Special thanks to Vincent for organizing this crazy event the “Queerantine + Chill” and to all the DJs who participate in the world in this “Universal DJ Set”. Thanks to my closest friends, to my works, to the magazines with which I collaborate and write about Music, the Networks where I have always worked with dedication, the discography and the discos that have allowed me to work well by expressing myself and giving my best, in Italy and Europe. Thank you so much! Stop “CoronaVirus” – “Covid-19”, let’s stay at home and follow the directions they give us and let’s have fun also and above all with music! #iorestoacasa – with affection for everyone in the world, we are united, we are all the same and we learn to communicate and love each other! Stop VIOLENCE of any kind! We are all equal! UNITED IN THE WORLD TO LIVE WELL AND LOVE TOGETHER! Alex Molla DJ #iorestoacasa #Istayathome

Alex Molla

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