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The Dolomites: the most beautiful mountain chain in Italy

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During this strange summer 2020, the Dolomites have lived an extraordinary success of visitors. Their wilderness, the number of national parks and the great variety of activities in the open air have inspired lots of people to approach safe and unpolluted places.

From canoeing to horse riding, from trekking to biking, one of the most famous valleys here, Val di Non, offers elegant accommodations in chalets and beautiful agritur (small restaurants with rooms).

The area is well-known for its “malghe” (the local mountain pasture, where farmers produce milk and cheese during the springtime, when cows are led to green meadows), for its lakes (Lake Tovel is an enchanting green-and-blue lake, ideal for canoeing or only for walking around its shores) and for the many possibilities of excursions. Paddling on the Emerald Lake, or in the Rio Novella as well as horse-riding on its shores is a must-do exercise. A lot a paths, called “lezi” follow the natural creeks amongst blooming apple trees in the springtime.

Val di Non is well-known for its apples, and for a typical cuisine, which shares a lot with Northern traditions. Potatoes are also the main ingredient in many first courses, such as the “canederli” (dumplings) or the potatoes “tortei” (stuffed pasta similar to tortellini), as well as the potato pancake, which is the most traditional recipe. Not forgetting the excellent “Apple Strudel”!

In winter, Adamello is the top destinations for ski lovers as well as the breathtaking Mont Peller.

Val di Non is for everyone and locals are really friendly. In any season Val di Non is a real discovery.

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