Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The best gay-friendly destination for your summer in Italy

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Gallipoli, is a beautiful and peaceful gay-friendly town, perfect for your holiday in Italy. It is located in Puglia, the heel of the country’s boot, the land of sun and hospitality.  Don’t come here expecting to find a destination like Ibiza in Spain. Here there is clear water, amazing beaches surrounded by nature, delicious food and amazing Italian guys. Many beaches are gay-friendly: Punta Pizzo, Punta della Suina.

Credit: Adobe Photo; Group of happy young friends in summer clothes taking a selfie while standing at the beach

 The gay-life is around Caffè Bellini (Corso Roma) where it’s very easy to meet new friends and enjoy parties in friendly pub. The ideal time to visit is during the summer months, when the weather is warm enough to enjoy the clear water of Gallipoli. One tip for gay travellers is to rent a car, public transport is limited, and taxis are expensive.

Relax with your partner, or your friends and enjoy your holiday in Gallipoli! It’s waiting for you!

Credits: Abobe Photo

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