Monday, August 10, 2020

See Essential Italian Cities Through an LGBTQ+ Lens

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Category is: Essential Italy – but make it gay! For all the queer adventurers out there, we wanted to create a trip that celebrates everything we love about Italy – the ancient history, the resounding feeling of romance, and the flourishing (and sometimes erotic) artwork – but with a twist specifically for LGBTQ+ travelers. Contact Quiiky today to visit three essential Italian cities – Rome, Venice, and Florence – with our inclusive tours tailored just for you.

Unearth the gay traditions of ancient Roman civilizations in the Eternal City of Rome.

Gay scenes in artwork at the Vatican Museums. Get the full story with Untold History: Rome.

You’ll tour the Coliseum to get a taste of ancient Rome, but also explore how archaeologists and historians have proven that the Greek tradition of same-sex relationships and homosexuality existed, and was generally accepted, in Roman life. Plus, our tour of the Vatican Museums gives you a unique LGBTQ+ perspective on the turbulent life and works of Michelangelo.

Feed your romantic spirit in the City of Love, Venice.

Men in Venice

Relaxing in Venice. Photo by Roberto Chiovitti.

It won’t take long upon your arrival for you to understand why Venice has earned its title as the capital of romance in Italy. Considered a very LGBTQ+ welcoming city by many, the city is home to a vibrant queer community and a bounty of untold gay secrets that you’ll explore. Hear the interesting gay history behind the famous Venetian palaces, and learn how the city became home to the first gay community in Europe.

Get inspired by the art and beauty of Florence – the birthplace of Renaissance art.


The statue of David in Florence.

You’ll discover the artists – many of whom today would be recognized as part of the LGBTQ+ community – who have left their signature in Florence’s historic museums, buildings, and landmarks. We take you up-close and personal with Donatello’s famous David, where you can take in every curve that makes up the perfect male form. Beyond its vibrant art scene, Florence has some bustling LGBTQ+ nightlife you won’t want to miss.

Gay Travel Italy

At the Coliseum in Rome. Photo by Roberto Chiovitti.

See a different side of Italian history, romance, or art with our Quiiky tours customized specifically for LGBTQ+ travelers like you. Contact us today to start planning your adventure.