Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Piano piano “step by step” Italy is reopening, ready to host in safety and confidence.

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Shops, restaurants, beaches, museums, bars are reopening in Italy. The numbers of the pandemic continue their downward trend and our gay-friendly country now is ready to re-open! Italians keep their guard up and restrictions and safety precautions remain in place. Italy is probably the safest country in Europe, sofar, as the first to have tackled COVID-19 and disseminate its best practices in the world.

Commercial activities are being organizer in order to keep social distancing and adopt facemasks (in public places and public transport); further restrictions will also be in place soon, as gym, sports facilities will restart on May 25th.

Whereas from June 3rd, Italians will be able to move throughout the country and airports will open to arrivals from European destinations: Switzerland and United Kingdom tourists will be welcome without 14-day-quarantine obligation. International travelers will be welcomed from June 14th… So be ready!

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Piano piano “step by step” Italy is on its way again and able to guarantee safety and warm hospitality as always!

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