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QMagazine is part of the greatest and most important media network dedicated to LGBTQ+ Tourism. It is edited by Sonders and Beach, an International Group specialized in Gay Tourism Marketig and currently the only brand in Italy to have developed market research on LGBTQ+ community (in 2013 in collaboration with Gfk Eurisko Institute and in 2016 with Lanfranco Editore Milano Institute).

In addition to QMagazine, the LGBTQ+ media network includes:

Quiiky Tour Operator: the premier Italian tour operator focused on the LGBTQ+ market segment.

QueerVadis: the first Italian Protocol dedicated to valorization of diversity and social inclusion in favour of LGBTQ+ community in tourism.

– Mitown: the most popular travel site in Italy dedicated to LGBTQ+ Friendly Milan.

– the LGBTQ+ exhibition of tourism.

A network that reaches over 1,000,000 unique users in target. This is a unique opportunity for companies that want to focus on this market*.

* According to the estimates, LGBTQ+ community has 30% availability of income above average and is particularly led to reward companies that openly turn to their universe. This is because they seek a symbolic recognition of their identity also through consumption. The community is often the perfect environment where to launch new products or services because these consumers are considered real early adopters and trend setter by main market research.

In this context we offer various communications, marketing, and advertising services to the undertakings concerned:

Advertising and Advertorial Pages;

Display Advertising on and on other sites on the network;

Marketing E-mail for more than 100.000 users;

Visibility on Social Network;

Event planning and sponsorship;

– Creation of Visual Advertising Gay Oriented;

Online & Offline Contest in target;

Video Advertising;

Consulting and Training on Gay Marketing.

Our professional approach aims to meet the needs of our customers also thanks to an internal team of experts in gay marketing field.

Our Partners

Some of our Partners

distributed on PressReader, MagazineCloner, AppStore & Google Play, QMAGAZINE is available both paper & digital edition.


the well-known Italian journalist
Alessandro Cecchi Paone

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