Saturday, November 28, 2020

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the LGBTQ+ Traveler

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If you’re like us this holiday season, maybe you’ve been spending a little too much time bingeing Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings or The Great British Bake Off on Netflix to notice that all of a sudden there’s just a few days left before Christmas. If you’ve still got some gifts to cross off your list, don’t panic! Look no further than right here because our Quiiky LGBTQ+ travel experts have curated some exclusive packages that make the perfect gift for those with an adventurous spirit.

Check out three holiday gift ideas from Quiiky for the LGBTQ+ traveler in your life.

Teraj on the Call Me By Your Name tour earlier this year.


Live your full Elio and Oliver fantasy with Quiiky’s Call Me By Your Name tour. Starting in Milan, this romantic Italian adventure makes stops in Crema, where you’ll begin to recognize scenes from the movie, Verona, the home of Romeo & Juliet, Bergamo, where the duo shares a passionate kiss on screen, Lake Garda, where you’ll visit the Catullus’ Caves, and finally ending in the City of Love, Venice. Epic romance begins here. Peaches not included.

Read more about the Call Me By Your Name Tour on Quiiky.com/en here.

Barrett Pall on an Untold History: Rome tour.


From its ancient Greek and Roman roots to the flourishing art in the Renaissance, it is no secret that Italy is full of rich history. But there’s only one way to explore the LGBTQ+ history of Italy, and that’s with our Untold History tours. These guided tours offer culture-seekers a chance to hear a new narrative about the storied artists, politicians, and landmark attractions whose LGBTQ+ history has often been suppressed. Book Untold History experiences in Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Naples, Florence, and many more Italian cities.

Read more about the Untold History Tours on Quiiky.com/en here.

Photo of Alessandro Misceo by Roberto Chiovitti.


There’s no denying that Italy is home to some of the best food on the planet. Feast your senses with our food and wine tour, which takes travelers on a multi-day rendezvous down the Italian coast from Genoa to Amalfi. You’ll enjoy private vineyard tours with wine tastings in Tuscany, a street-food tour of Naples, a mozzarella class in Amalfi or a pizza class in Furore, and so much more. And because you’re booking with Quiiky, rest assured that all the experiences and accommodations along the way will be LGBTQ+ friendly.

Read more about the Food & Wine Tour on Quiiky.com/en here.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Quiiky.com/en to book your LGBTQ+ travel experience today. Let us plan your trip so you can sit back and enjoy the eggnog!

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