Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How to spend Easter under quarantine

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Italy is still in quarantine, so it will be the first time in our lives that we won’t celebrate Easter with our family at home, the first time we won’t celebrate “Pasquetta” – Easter Monday – with our friends. 2020 Easter will be unconventional but  still we can maintain some traditions…. Obviously about food! You can still enjoy Italian Easter traditions.

Here an idea for celebrating Easter at home… cooking and eating! It’s not Easter without lamb (symbolizing life), Easter egg (symbolizing rebirth) or a “Colomba” (symbolizing peace).

In Italy it is almost mandatory to have lamb for Easter and it is cooked and served in many ways, depending on the region. A traditional Easter dish in Rome  is the lamb ribs, known as “abbacchio a scottadito”- ‘burnt finger’ – with fresh artichokes. In Abruzzo and Molise the typical Easter dish is “agnello cacio e uova”: the lamb is cooked with eggs, pepper and cheese. In Trentino, they make “polpettine pasquali”, meat balls made with lamb meat, parsley, shallots and rosemary.

The Colomba, is a dove-shaped Italian cake, as a symbol for peace and similar to panettone, but with candied peel and topped with almonds and pearl sugar. It is usually eaten at breakfast during the Easter holidays or as a “merenda”, afternoon snack.


And finally symbolizing rebirth, Easter eggs are everywhere in Italy, either as chocolates or as decorated boiled eggs. So what are you waiting for? Look Italian receipts and starts to make your own home-made Easter menu


Happy Rainbow Easter!

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