Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Happy Father’s day!

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Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world, but the dates change according to the country, even if the importance of fathers is common to every place. Unlikely the USA, which celebrate the Father’s day in June, Italian Father’s Day always falls on March 19th.

In Italy, the date coincides with ‘Festa di San Giuseppe’, the Catholic feast day in honor of St. Joseph, Jesus Christ’s father, the protector of fathers, woodworkers, of poor people and orphans, too.

During these days, children are very busy in writing loving cards, a small gift to give to their daddies.

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How do Italians celebrate? Italian Father’s Day is all about sweets.

Italian families have a tasty lunch to honor fathers . This is one of those days in which Italians cook traditional recipes. Depending on the region of Italy, the ‘Festa di San Giuseppe’ is celebrated with lots of fried pastries. Nevertheless, the most common dish is the ‘bignè of San Giuseppe’, sugar pastry filled with cream. In Naples, it becomes a cake with cream with black cherry topping: its name is ‘Zeppola di San Giuseppe’.

In Northern Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated with ravioli, pastry filled with jam.

Happy Father’s day to all fathers of the world and rainbow family!


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