Monday, October 19, 2020
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It may seem awkward to write about tours, leisure or entertainment in these days of great apprehension for the coronavirus, which is putting at stake Italy and its economy.

We share this hashtag ‘I stay home’ (#iostoacasa or #iorestoacasa) as an invitation not to travel, not to move from our homes in order to control the virus spreading.

An LGBT Coloured Scribbled Shape of the Country of Italy


Nevertheless, when staying home, when experiencing days of forced isolation for the common good, we are still with you, we come and visit you, virtually. During these tough times we have time to spend with ourselves and with our beloved and start to think how to enjoy the moment when all this will be finished.

We at Quiiky Travel are still working. From home, but working, even though everything is slowing down….As we say in Italy ‘look at the glass half full’ and carry on! New tours are coming! Because we expect this isolation will finish soon and we will be able to start it over again. How many of you still breed the dream of travelling to Italy in the future? We have received so many messages of solidarity during these days, which demonstrate how Italy is loved around the world. We will offer you new biking tours between Florence and Siena; hiking paths on the Dolomites; street food in Naples and Capri, lemon shades and blue sea of Sorrento and glass making of Murano….Also, you will re-discover Italy under a gay light with ‘the red tree’ in Catania and, Sicily.

Support Italy, stay home but dream of Italy!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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