Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Cruise in Italy: gay and gay friendly escapes

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When travelling to Italy in the summer season, take the chance to go for a cruise. In a country with thousand miles of coastlines even a small adventure in the sea is a must!

Off the coast of Tuscany, a 8mt. sailing ship cruises from Pisa port to the Elba Island. Only four people on board, for gay guests who like to travel without restrictions on board. Either you are a naturist or not, this is a free-love cruise, for couples or singles who are definitely open minded!

The ship just follows the wind, during a one-day tour. The galley is well stocked with wine, beer and good food. The clear blue waters surround the Elba Island, which was the last confinement of the French general Napoleon. He chose to be exiled here, from where he carried on his activities with the French Army. If you like history, you can enjoy a visit to the Napoleon’s places on the Island, before going back to Pisa.

Also, another local cruise not to be missed is circumnavigating the Aeolian Islands, in Sicily. Lipari, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, constitute a breathtaking volcanic archipelago south of Sicily. Clear waters mix up with black volcanic sand: in Vulcano you swim in a sea of warm water because of volcanic underground steam. Panarea and Lipari are the biggest islands, where you can stop and enjoy local food made of fresh blue fish: ‘Pasta with sardines’ for example… or in Salina you can taste the best capers in the world.  Stromboli and Vulcano are still active volcanoes: if you are ashore during eruptions, at night, the natural show is unique, with lava pouring down the slopes, on the other side of Ginostra, in Stromboli,, when a bunch of local people live.

Here, you are in the very heart of the Mediterranean: Sicily and its islands are extremely friendly; people are always ready to help and very welcoming. Just a hint: if you visit the Aeolian Islands from the ground, consider that you need good legs: streets are narrow and no cars are allowed in the smallest islands… the best way to visit them and enjoy the local handworks is by foot. Enjoy more details here.

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