Tuesday, January 26, 2021

August 10: The International Day of LGBTQ+ Travel – celebrate for a better future

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On August 10, the International Day of LGBTQ+ travel is celebrated.

The invitation to QUIIKY tour operator and to QMagazine to stand up for this celebration arrived from our friends at the LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (CCGLAR), Pablo and Gustavo and we are more than happy to share it.

In these tough times, it is extremely important to pay attention to those travel clusters, which are affected by the pandemic in a striking way. LGBTQ+ travelers in the world are almost 4,000,000 generating a revenue of about $ 4,000 bl per year! If not for social reasons, at least for its economic impact, LGBTQ+ tourism is a trailblazer in many countries which have specialized in it, such as Argentina, Israel, the USA, Japan just to mention a few. Some of them opened Chambers of Commerce devoted to boost every activity run, organized, generated by the LGBTQ+ Community members. All organizations working in LGBTQ+ travel markets are invited to celebrate, in order to respect and foster LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity for their residents and tourists.

LGBTQ+ travel industry finds its roots in inclusive responsible, safe and accessible tourism all over the world, promoting diversity and inclusion with an eye to meet the community specific expectations. This year, the leading theme and motto is “Solidarity today, to travel tomorrow”, as a firm statement by international tour operators, in order to meet the WTO (World Travel Organization) durable values.

Even nowadays, homosexuality is still somewhat criminalized in 1 every 3 countries. In this context, every August 10th, representatives from organizations belonging to those countries who welcome LGBTQ+ tourists take action and raise awareness worldwide about the importance of making tourism the most inclusive activity”, CCGLAR reports and significantly adds: “Many people helped shape LGBTQ+ tourism as we know it. However, in 1965, it was Bob Damron who created the first edition of The Address Book. It represented for the LGBTQ+ community what The Green Book meant for African Americans, who have been using said book as a guide through the segregated South of the United States since 1936. In this way, Damron, pioneer of LGBTQ+ tourism, guided thousands of members of the LGBTQ+ community. He was the bridge that connected them to safe travelling experiences. Thanks to his editions, travelers could arrive to destinations where they would get a warm, genuine welcome”.


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