Tuesday, July 14, 2020

APULIA: The Italian Region growing rainbow

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Apulia, the “heel of Italy” has been considered the most gay-friendly region of the Nation, when it comes to summer leisure. The amazing Salento area and the town of Gallipoli, right on the seacoast, have been showing up for the numbers of activities, bars, pubs, discoes which opened to the gay community. Especially Gallipoli is considered the capital of gay life and fun for young people.

Apulia has been taking care of its travel industry for a long time now and has attracted a lot of foreign investments: the land is astonishing beautiful, food and life-style are typically Mediterranean and people are friendly.

In recent years, a flourishing lesbian community has been settling in the Itria Valley, the inland of Apulia, which has been attracting Italian and foreign couples, buying “masserias” (local typical farms) and convert them into brand new top hospitality venues: some of them have been converted into boutique hotels, in the country, amongst olive trees and featuring the finest hospitality service: elegant rooms, swimming-pools, green areas where to indulge and relax few miles away from the sea. Locorotondo, Ostuni, Martinfranca are just few villages spotting the Itria Valley, as well as Alberobello, the homeland of “trulli”.

Also, the wedding industry has always been performing very well in Apulia (wedding are huge ceremonies, sometimes with hundreds of guests!)  and in recent years the gay civil unions are taking their place in the industry.

It seems that the lesbian community is becoming stronger and stronger in Itria Valley and it is constantly organizing events and cultural activities not only during the summer season, being often involved in working with schools or youngsters to promote the territory and local culture, as well as tolerance and acceptance.


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