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About QMagazine

Created by the genius of Sonders & Beach that has always been committed to support the integration of LGBTQ+ community in our country, from respect and valorization of all differences present in the company to development of dedicated travel services, QMagazine is today the first Italian multimedia network dedicated to LGBTQ+ tourism with over 1 million users per year.

Cute, Smart, Cool: QMagazine is a travel portal dedicated to LGBTQ+ tourism since 2007, a directory of welcoming accommodation facilities, but also the first Italian half-yearly magazine about LGBTQ+ friendly Travel & Lifestyle. It promotes inclusion and social, economic, cultural sustainability, declining it on different areas of daily life.

QMagazine writes about many topics, from food to lifestyle, from art to cinematography… all bound by one soul, by a single fil rouge: TRAVEL. Travel is intended as a moment of encounter, knowledge, and acceptance of all differences. With the desire to promote “the culture of sustainable travel” and to enhance every aspect of it, we decided to define welcoming-LGBTQ+ tourism, an inclusive tourism, open to all that allows people showing themselves as they are. For this reason, our motto is “For Him, for Her, but especially for You!”.

Every year we organize, in collaboration with AITGL- the Italian Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association – and with the international certification body RINA, the QPrize, an annual award addressed to travel destinations and companies that have distinguished for their support to the themes of sustainability, social inclusion, and DE&I policies in the sector, with particular attention to the LGBTQ+ community.

 In 2022, QMagazine was the media partner of the 38th IGLTA Global Convention on LGBTQ+ Tourism in Milan. Organized by IGLTA, with the support of ENIT – the Italian National Tourism Board –, the Municipality of Milan and AITGL, the Convention hosted 700 delegates (tourist operators, medias, and international institutions)from the over the world.

With the support of:

360 Degree Inclusivity!

QMagazine is your go-to reference for the latest in LGBTQ+ travel news from Italy and the rest of the world. 

When traveling in Italy, you can ensure that you will receive a warm welcome in restaurants and hotels by frequenting those that have been designated as “QueerVadis Approved”  These establishments are actively welcoming LGBTQ+ guests, and have agreed to comply with the QueerVadis Approved protocols and embrace 360 degree incluisivity.

QueerVadis Approved Businesses are certified to be LGBTQ+ friendly

A process based on our “Diversity & Inclusion Hospitality” protocol, and validated by RINA and the Italian LGBTQ+ Tourism Association.