About QMagazine

QMagazine (part of the Sonders and Beach company) aims to be the premier Italian lifestyle and travel portal dedicated to LGBTQ+ travelers, featuring articles on Italian destinations, cuisines, wines, art, history and culture. 

QMagazine highlights lesser-known Italian destinations, and travel stories relating to LGBTQ+ Italian figures from history and popular culture.

The portal promotes ”360º Inclusivity” with a balance of Italian travel-related articles, articles highlighting LGBTQ+-owned businesses (wineries, agriturismos, masserias, etc.) mixed with articles targeting LGBTQ+ families, singles/couples, and older LGBTQ travelers.  It also includes articles on issues of accessibility for physically challenged travelers. 

With the support of:

360 Degree Inclusivity!

QMagazine is your go-to reference for the latest in LGBTQ+ travel news from Italy.  

When traveling in Italy, you can ensure that you will receive a warm welcome in restaurants and hotels by frequenting those that have been designated as “QueerVadis Approved”  These establishments are actively welcoming LGBTQ+ guests, and have agreed to comply with the QueerVadis Approved protocols and embrace 360 degree incluisivity.

QueerVadis Approved Businesses are certified to be LGBTQ+ friendly

A process based on our “Diversity & Inclusion Hospitality” protocol, and validated by RINA and the Italian LGBTQ+ Tourism Association.