Monday, March 8, 2021

A hidden getaway in Piedmont for gay wine lovers (and not only)

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Autumn is the wine & truffle season in Piedmont. Discover hidden getaways to explore a very gay-friendly Region in Italy

Whenever you will be able to travel again to any destination and would like to discover new places, then consider an Italian journey during the fall. The season is not extremely cold and some regions showcase their best in that time. One of these is Piedmont, the North Western region of Italy, capital of well-known wines, such as Barolo or Barbaresco or for its Alba white truffle or for that lavishing chocolate cascade which goes under the name of Nutella.

Nevertheless, Piedmont is not only the Langhe area: very close to it, a less known area, called Monferrato, is a real surprise for many travelers.  Even though I was born here, every weekend I take my car and discover new hills, new people, new brave farmers who stuck to the traditions of their land. I have recently discovered a farm, near the smallest city of Italy, Moncalvo, which is a real trailblazer in terms of wine experiments and its owner, Tommaso, is a cute young man who lives in a 300 year-old place spending all his energy to promote his personal way of making wine. And it seems that it works, as some of the best Micheline-starred restaurants serve his wine!

Tommaso (his name) offers his personal wine tasting, in an old stable of his, on a base of 15 bottles which are really something unexpected: he organizes experiences such as “One day with a wine master”, during which you live an entire day with him and are taught as much as possible about winemaking; or “Create your own wine” during which you learn how to work with grapes and must to make your personal wine, which can easily become a Christmas gift to your friends!

We will soon much more about Tommaso and his cellar and will organize packages to Piedmont to hidden “alcoholic and friendly” getaways!

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