Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Venice, the ancient city of canals bridges and palaces, is one of the world’s most visited travel destinations, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some reasons this city is not to be missed.

1) LGBT Women in Venice

Quiiky Travel has just upload a new guided tour “Celebrating LGBT women in Venice. The tour goes off the beaten path and looks at some extraordinary Venetian women’s uncovered lives. From the fictional love between Portia and Nerissa in ‘The Merchant of Venice’, to Veronica Franco, one of the few women whose erotic scripts were published, to famous courtesans and  poetesses.  Peggy Guggenheim lived here, as well as Eleonora Cornaro the first-graduated woman in the world; Eleonora Duse, famous theatre actress in early 20th century, her lover Gabriele D’Annunzio (Italian writer) and Lina Poletti, Sibilla Aleramo’s lover.


2) Discover the Gay personalities of Venice

Have you ever heard of the first gay community in Europe? Well, it was in Venice! It was founded by refugees in the fifth century B.C., and later, Jews and heretics found their new home here, until the nineteenth century, when a true gay community settled in Venice. Also for the gay community Quiiky Travel has created  an Untold Gay History tour in Venice, to discover the secrets of great personalities of the past or novels, such as Lord Byron or The Adventures of Casanova.


3) Stay in etero-friendly Hotel

The Axel Hotel Venezia is the first “etero-friendly” hotel in Italy by Axel Group. It is located in the artistic neighborhood of Dorsoduro, with rooms inspiring the romantic atmosphere that only a historical Venetian palace can give.

4) LGBTQ+ nightlife

The gay scene is well integrated into the city, for this reason Venice doesn’t have a clearly defined gay area. Nevertheless, the best of Venice nightlife is situated near the main university, and around the “Campo Santo Margherita” where many students and young adults spend their night-lives. Around “Fondamenta degli Ormesini”, bars and restaurants are generally open till late.

5) Ride on a gondola

Gondola rides through Venice’s canals is a classic tourist experience and a memory you will never forget! Get aboard and relax, with your partner, while the gondolier maneuvers through the canals, under bridges and historic waterside palaces!


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