Tuesday, April 7, 2020

5 Italian Destinations to Visit With Your Partner in 2020

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Give your partner a little extra love and recognition this year by treating them to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy. From the sensational food and wine culture to the centuries-old history that lives and breathes today; there’s no better place to enrich your connection to each other by sharing new experiences. And with Quiiky’s expertise in planning new adventures specifically for LGBTQ+ community, you can take the stress out of planning and travel freely as your authentic self. 

Here are five Italian destinations we know you’ll love to visit together: 

That’s right: you recognize it from the set of Call Me By Your Name. This romantic Italian town has so much culture on every street, you’ll want to grab a bike and explore. And of course, feel free to hit the local grocer for a ripe peach or apricot because… you know why.  

Photo Roberto Chiovitti

Nowhere else will you get a truer sense of Italy’s history than in its capital, Rome. From the ancient Roman structures like the Coliseum to the awe-inspiring architecture in The Vatican, you’ll find so much to explore. And with some of the country’s best chefs delivering classic Roman dishes, you’ll never leave hungry. 

Get lost in ancient ruins around the city of Naples and take in the views of the famous Mt. Vesuvius. It’s also widely recognized as the home of Pizza, so spend your time wandering around into different restaurants to grab a bite of some of the country’s most authentic pies. 

Photo Roberto Chiovitti

As one of Italy’s biggest cities, there is so much to explore in Milan. You and your partner will get lost shopping the luxury stores in Via Montenapoleone, and if you don’t get caught up taking in all the glorious architecture around the city, you might find yourself in awe of some of Italy’s greatest artwork.

There’s a reason they call it the City of Love. Spend a day wandering the canals, shopping the hand-crafted artisanal products, or tasting the food in one of the local restaurants, and you’ll see why. Plus, stay at the Axel Hotel Venezia to experience the city in accommodations built with couples like you in mind.

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